I want a full vCSA 6.5 backup

Whenever you decide backing up the vCSA 6.5 Database, as part as the greatest features of vSphere 6.5, these are a few tips to consider:

  • Backup can be performed anytime, no downtime is required.
  • Use encryption option using AES 256 and do not lose the password.
  • Prepare a remote for transferring. Possible options are: FTP, SFTP, HTTP, HTTPS
  • Make sure the target folder is empty.
  • Grant write permissions.
  • Even then, some errors might happen like:


That issue happens when a specific vCSA service is not running. Here’s how to deal with the services in the vCenter Appliance:

service-control is the main command. Using status as parameter you’ll have a quick and clear view about which services are running and which are not.

service-control –status:vcsaback2

We found our lazy service is not running, so now it’s time to wake up. Easy as typing the following:

service-control –start vmonapivcsaback3

Now the faulty service is up and running. After this no more issues happened with the Backup Procedure.


Let’s check the folder:


What we have on the remote site is not a single backup file. Remember:

  • This backup procedure is a file-level backup.
  • This backup is only for vCSA, we have to perform the same task on our PSC in an external deployment.

To know much more about vCSA services check here

A more detailed information about how to perform a vCSA Database backup is here.


2 thoughts on “I want a full vCSA 6.5 backup”

  1. VCSA 6.5 file-based backups are full backups of the entire appliance which includes the database. You may want to specify that, the title of the post makes it seem that you can backup the VCSA DB separately which is not the case.

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