Updating vCenter 5.5 to 6.0 is easy but…

I finally decided to update my current vCenter 5.5 to version 6. Why not?. I was eager to try it and that’s what Labs are for !, besides I’m now running the perfect deployment for the easiest upgrade procedure,  which is the embedded infrastructure having PSC and all vCenter components running on the same machine. So mount your ISO and hit it.

It’s a pretty straight forward procedure using the wizard.

Main window
License Agreement
SSO settings and Database migration to vPostgress warning
Service communication PORTS validation
Paths selection.
Final check and run…

After a while you should be able to log on and enjoy the quickest web client interface ever.

vCenter 6 is awesome, but these are the things you’ll find after upgrading and you might not expect:

  • As embedded vPostgress Database is used, SQL Services will no longer needed but they are still running.
  • Almost 12 new VMware windows services are created. I will need further investigation to find out what they are for.
  • vCenter 6 Services
  • All-in-one model will not work flawlessly with less than 7 GB of RAM after installation. So this time 8 GB will be really needed for this VM.
  • Backing up the vPostgress Database is a bit awkward and exposes internal database password. [+]

After trying both vCenter Server Appliance and vCenter Server for Windows the final choice depends on your infrastructure, as usual. But with version 6.0, VCSA is a worth trying option.


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