vRealize Operations 6 – Quickest deploy ever

vCenter Operations Manager became vRealize Operations Manager a few months ago. Not only the name has changed but also the installation and the whole concept. vRealize 6.0 is now an extensive Suite with several impressive tools like Log Insight , Automation and Operations among others.

Installing vRealize is a piece of cake compared with the previous vCOPS appliance. Download the OVA file from here and start a new deployment on your environment. The wizard is pretty simple and now just one VM will be created. All we need to know is easy-to-find information like Ip Address, Mask, DNS, Gateway …

Another important thing when deploying vRealize is the sizing. You’ll have these guidelines.

vRealize console looks great in blue








Now we got the OVA running, open your browser to https://IP_ADDRESS and get ready.

Select Express Installation


Here’s a picture of your future environment.


Enter Admin’s password





Click Finish








After some seconds you will be prompted to logon.

Logon using the admin credential just created before







Choose new installation.








Accept the License Aggreement…or not 🙂
Choose the evaluation mode








And finish the installation…








After a few minutes you get the main window your were waiting for.







Click on the Home Icon and start getting familiar with the new aspect.







Next post adding your vCenter Server……


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