vSphere 6.0 has landed.

It’s here. So embrace the future and let yourself be possesed. vSphere 6.0 has been officially announced. Here are some highlights I think are impressive:

  • Scalability: This was obviously expected. More RAM, more vCPU, more everything. I’d remark that clusters can have up to 64 nodes and hosts will support up to 480 CPU and 12 TB of RAM.
  • Instant Clone: Clone and deploy up to 10 times faster.
  • vMotion: Latency grows up to 100 ms enabling really long distance migrations.
  • Replication-Assisted vMotion: Relay on replication sites to perform a more efficient vMotion.
  • Faul Tolerance: Finally up to 4 vCPU supported and no Eager-Zeroed Thick Required. Can be thin or thick.
  • NIOC: Can be defined a per-VM bandwidth policy.
  • Multisite Content Library: A specific repository for ISO images, scripts and all you might need to keep handy.
  • vCenter Server Appliance now supports Linked-Mode and equals the scalability numbers as Windows installation.
  • Platform Services Controller (PSC): Completely new service. Some kind of proxy connector for common services like SSO, licensing and certificate management. Keeps info replicated.
  • Web Client Optimization: Yes please, we need to experience that 🙂


Still not available for downloading but it will shortly. In the mean time you can get detailed info here at VMWARE.


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