Transferring files using VMware Tools

Using isolated an secured Virtual Machines can be really safe and meet the hardening guidance but from the administration point of view it can be really hard. Especially when you the VM you’re working on has no internet access to download some patches and you are not able create an iso file to connect to the CD-Drive on the remote console.

My case is similar, I need to distribute a fix to several VM’s. Again PowerCLI is your lifesaver 😉

If You need to copy one file from your system to the VM:

Copy-VMGuestFile -Source <FileName> -Destination C:\ -LocalToGuest -VM <VM_Name> -GuestUser <user1> -guestPassword <password>

In case you need to get some files from any VM to your system:

Copy-VMGuestFile -Source <FileName> -Destination C:\ -VM <VM_Name> -GuestToLocal -GuestUser <user1> -guestPassword <password>

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