Stop a nonresponding VM in ESX

Your VM does not respond or is frozen. You proudly log in your vCenter and surprisingly it can not be powered off neither be reset.  Keep calm,  and prepare to connect to the ESX Console. Try the following , Both methods relay on the Vmwaretools:

  • vmware-cmd /vmfs/volumes/datastorename/virtualmachine/virtualmachine.vmx stop

if still not success let’s try the following – more agressive – option :

  • vmware-cmd /vmfs/volumes/datastorename/virtualmachine/virtualmachine.vmx stop hard

If previous commands failed then killing the process is the only way. First, we need the PID so type :

ps auxfww | grep <VMname>

That will show you the process ID for that particular Virtual Machine, so all you have to do is terminate it, simply type :

kill <PID Number>

And Sayonara , baby.


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